Essentials for Equilibrium was established in 2004 following extensive training and skills development by the founder, Leigh Smyth. Leigh grew up with animal companions including dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and she was a keen horse rider as a child. Leigh and her family now share their home with a wide range of animals including dogs, a cat, chickens and fish. ¬†She has spent the subsequent years working with people and their animals to support natural healing of numerous ailments (in both people and animals). The most common complaints she has been able to help with are skin problems (often caused by allergies or linked to emotional problems), emotional problems caused by trauma in an individual’s life, and mobility problems caused by injury/ wear and tear.

Leigh has also enjoyed teaching the healing methods she uses to others, whether as taster sessions for medical students and others interested to know more about natural healing, to courses for those who wish to develop their healing skills to benefit themselves and others .

The Values of Essentials for Equilibrium reflect the reason that Leigh set up this business. Passionate about animal welfare and well being, Leigh wishes to share her knowledge and understanding of natural healing for animals and people as far and wide as possible in order to improve the lives of animals and the people who care for them. Essentials for Equilibrium’s mission statement is to touch as many lives as possible, animal and human, with these natural methods, often through the medium of education.

Over the years many customers have benefitted greatly from the products provided by Essentials for Equilibrium and from the manufacturers Ecoflow, and these form a significant part of the service we are able to offer. Essentials for Equilibrium are Independent Distributors of Ecoflow/Bioflow products, and as such are fully responsible for all information about these products on this site. This web site is not designed nor approved by anyone other than Essentials for Equilibrium.