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Charity Support

I am committed to helping charities who help animals and people. In my links page you will see details of some of my favourite charities, I hope you can give support of your time, donations or money to help them continue their work.

By purchasing a Workbook from us, you will be supporting animal charities. For every workbook about human well- being that you buy you can identify the charity you’d like a donation to be made to (we donate £7.50 from every purchase to the charity you choose).

For every workbook about  animal well- being that you buy, £10. 00 will be put aside to fund our support to a number of animal rescues. This money will go towards supplying our chosen charities with essential oils, herbs, Bioflow products and training and support in how to use these for the benefit of the animals in their care. Details of these will be shared regularly in our news pages.




If you are involved with a charity and would like some help, these are the sorts of ways that I may be able to help you;

If you are an animal charity in the North East of England or the Scottish Borders, I am happy to come to your venue to give a talk about natural health for animals and people. You can sell entrance tickets and run other fund raising activities such as a raffle/ tombola/ sell refreshments etc… These fundraising events have been very popular in the past for a number of local animal charities.

If you are a group of enthusiasts, such as a dog agility group, or a group of owners at a Livery yard, etc…you can arrange a talk by me and charge an entrance fee to be donated to an animal charity.

If you are a group of people in the North East/ Scottish Borders affected by a conditions, such as arthritis or a skin problem (see my  human workbooks for ideas; I can base a talk on any of these subjects), I am happy to give a talk  about how natural remedies and approaches can help.

For charities outside of my area, please contact me and I may be able to donate a prize for a competition, and/or make you a guest charity for a month on my workbook pages to bring in additional funds for your charity.