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Bioflow® Horse Boots

Bioflow® Brushing Boots use our revolutionary Central Reverse Polarity® magnetic technology to help relieve muscle stiffness. Each boot contains two Central Reverse Polarity® magnets.


Bioflow® Brushing Boots use our revolutionary Central Reverse Polarity® magnetic technology to help relieve muscle stiffness. Each boot contains two Central Reverse Polarity® magnets.
  • Made from the high-performance fabric Stomatex®, a weatherproof and highly breathable material which helps to prevent sweating
  • Durable protective strike pad
  • Strong hook and loop closure
  • Available size- Large for over 14 hands
A testimonial from a satisfied customer; 'I would like to tell you about the remarkable effects the horse boots have had on Wellington, our 17 hands Cleveland Bay. After only 10 days use, his stiffness has improved immensely . He is usually very reluctant to have his feet picked out until after work when he has loosened up . Wellington is regualrly used for client lessons, including side -saddle and training college students. ' A.  Everall
You will be automatically sent via email my distance learning course, EFE Workbook-Understanding Magnotherapy when you buy any Bioflow or Ecoflow products. This training pack is unique to Essentials for Equilibrium and aims to help my customers get the most from their purchase. Don't forget  that you can also select any of the free workbooks with each purchase from Essentials for Equilibrium.
If you'd like to watch a video with customers explaining how their horses have benefitted from Biolfow products, please click here;  [youtube]http://youtu.be/s2IAP8qeOG4[/youtube]

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