‘Angel is a dapple grey mare, she’s around 5 years old. ..she was a nervous horse already, then had an accident and banged her head quite badly….we struggled even to get a head collar on her, and taking rugs on and off was a task we had to psyche ourselves up to!

Leigh offered to give us a consultation , we got the oils Angel reacted to and started using them; within a couple of days we were able to get a head collar on easily…she became visibly more settled, less nervous and happy horse.

When we got our second horse, Dylan, he was very thin and out of condition, but he was very sweet, although he had that glazed expression of a horse that has suffered…the oil he reacted to was Linden Blossom, the main oil for him…over the next few weeks he began to take more of an interest in life and he seemed to get a bit of sparkle and the condition of his coat slowly improved.

We have had Dylan for over a year now, and have a different horse, he has a shiny coat, sparkling eyes and his personality has really developed! I am sure that the road to Dylan’s recovery started with the Linden oil.

We would recommend anyone whose horse has a psychological problem to get in touch with Leigh, it complements traditional recovery methods and the horses love it!!’

Judith, Washington Tyne and Wear