I first met Leigh after my friend recommended her as someone who may be able to help for my little daxi and rottie’s skin issues. Both had horrible allergies that plagued the life out of them for the majority of the year. You could guarantee that Heidi the daxi would have no hair on her tummy for most of the summer and would have awful sores where she would nibble herself constantly to try and relieve her itching. Both dogs were on constant steroids or anti-histamines combined with the odd course of anti-biotic when things got really bad. When Leigh first came over she told me that the dogs would choose their own oils which sounds stupid until you see them do it. They really did choose which ones they wanted!

It actually seems a really strange thing for dogs to do to literally drinks oils in a carrier fluid but that is exactly what they did and they loved them!

After a few months the improvement was dramatic. There was very little chewing and scratching from both of them in the height of summer which was a relief for everyone.

The difference in Heidi now is unbelievable. She has hair on her tummy all year round; she rarely scratches and never has any sores on her tummy. She also has never needed another steroid or anti histamine since and we are now a number of years later. I can’t recommend Leigh and her oils enough she has made such a difference to our household.

Katie M Killingworth