‘Six months ago I was seriously concerned about my dog’s health. He had been diagnosed with arthritis and was taking natural supplements and anti inflammatory drugs daily. He went from a dog who loved to be out and about chasing things to one I had to persuade to walk even a few yards in an incredibly short space of time. His movements were very stiff and he was obviously in pain. The medication helped to a certain extent but the side effects developed and it had to be stopped.

I’d seen one of Leigh’s posters about the use of magnets for arthritic pain so decided to try a collar with Trooper. I had no expectations one way or another.

Within a couple of weeks there was an improvement in his mobility and now people comment on the remarkable difference in him. He’s not running round like a puppy (he is nine and a half years old and could do with losing a few pounds) but his legs are moving as they should now and he’s back to enjoying his long walks, chasing the odd stick and climbing on the furniture.

I am delighted with the results and don’t hesitate to tell people what I believe made the difference.

When I first got the collar, Leigh made no promises it would work, but it most certainly has!!’