Bio Energy Healing

My journey with bio energy healing began when I decided to learn how to use Reiki in the early 2000’s. I was at that time very interested, but also very sceptical about this type of healing. My background and interest in healing in general meant I wanted to learn more. My doubts about Reiki were that I felt that people had a ‘placebo’ effect from it, whereby they believed enough that they were healed, and so felt better, rather than there being an actual real healing effect. I overcame some of my doubts and went to learn how to use Reiki …and yet, still I had doubts, until I started to feel the effects for myself (in Reiki we are encouraged to treat ourselves with the healing energy first so that we can help others). My grey cat, who had been a stray living in my back yard, and who was not in the least friendly unless he wanted food, began to come and lie on my lap, as if he was asking for Reiki; I would give him some healing, then he would get up and move away when he had enough! I noticed too that other animals came to me and placed themselves in a certain position as if asking for healing! This persuaded me that there was more to it, and I began to have confidence in the real healing effects of Reiki!

I then discovered an amazing book called Vibrational Medicine for the 21st Century, by Dr Richard Gerber, which I fully recommend to you if you want to know more about the science of healing. In this book, Dr Gerber describes a vast number of research experiments to show how hands -on healing works. This spurred me on to develop my understanding of healing, and helped me to get to grips with the scientific rationale behind it.

Personally, as a Reiki Practitioner, I enjoy giving myself healing treatments on a daily basis. Reiki helps keep me calm and well balanced, and I know many people swear by it for stress and pain relief. My animals also love to receive healing, as do many other animals.

What is Reiki? It is a form of bio energy healing. Bio energy healing it is as ancient as life itself, and is described through history in most cultures. I believe that all forms of bio energy healing use the same energy, and only differ in the name and perhaps some of the techniques used, but fundamentally they can offer the same to the person giving, and the person or animal receiving.

Many cultures recognise an energy that cannot be seen by the naked eye, yet courses through living beings.

The Japanese word for this is KI.(As in Reiki ; Rei Ki , a Japanese healing tradition)

The Chinese culture refer to this energy as CHI. (as in Tai chi)

Hindus call the energy PRANA.

Native American Indians refer to it as WAKAN.

This energy is affected by our spiritual wellbeing and courses through our entire being, having an effect on our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. If we are unwell in one or more of these areas, our energy levels will be out of balance, and can sometimes be restored by using healing in one or more forms. Every single thing on this planet has its own energy field. When we are in contact with others, we are affected by their energy.  This can be both a positive and negative thing!