Explanation of how wild animals use zoopharmacognosy.

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My Breakthrough

I was searching for a way to combine my love of animals with my love of natural remedies when I found Caroline Ingraham in 2003. As soon as I saw her web site in, I knew that I just HAD to train with her, I was so inspired by the work she was doing. That autumn, when I commenced my training with her, my instincts were proved correct. Everything that she said struck a real chord with me, and all that I learned from her and my fellow students was underpinned by experience with the animals.

Caroline Ingraham is the pioneer of the method which I and other professionals like me use. We call this Applied Zoopharmacognosy and it recognises the innate healing instincts that animals have to use natural substances when they are in need of them. This behaviour is observed in wild animals who appear to innately know which plant substances and so-on which are present in their natural environment will help them feel better when they have certain ailments. This ability is also shared by our domesticated animals, who can apply this innate knowledge to natural substances which we can make available to them.

My Role

The role of professionals such as myself who have trained with Caroline Ingraham is to help identify remedies for each individual animal and teach the owners how to use the remedies safely with each animal. There are many areas of wellbeing for animals that this Method can address, including management of allergies, skin problems, emotional trauma and pain management. Please see the ailments chart for more details, and/ or email me to see if I think I may be able to help in your circumstances.

Since learning about applied zoopharmacognosy from Caroline, I have worked with numerous animals and their owners using the principles of self selection. I am confident that the use of essential oils and herbs can greatly benefit the lives of many animals, in a physical and emotional sense. I maintain my Postgraduate training with Caroline and Thomas Ingraham of the Ingraham Institute of Zoopharmacognosy , learning of new developments, including further research into the subject of Zoopharmacognosy and herbal pharmacology.

As well as being a qualified aromatherapist for people, my practice has been further enhanced with postgraduate training with the following experts and professionals; Rhiannon and Bob Harris of Essential Oil Resource Consultants, who have been involved in aromatherapy education for many years and have an in-depth knowledge of clinical aromatherapy. They studied French medical aromatherapy whilst living in France and their unique research-based course material combines both the French and UK styles of practice. I studied Post Graduate course in Acute Aromatic Care for Infection, Pain, Inflammation and Trauma , and Post Graduate training in Aromatic Chemistry with these amazingly knowledgeable educators.

Kurt Schnaubelt of the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy, another amazing educator, who has a PhD in Chemistry and a passion for medical aromatherapy. He has spent years researching and teaching about this topic, with a number of wonderful text books to his name. I studied a Post Graduate course in the Biology of Essential oils with him.

Sarah Fisher, the UK lead teacher of the Tellington Touch method . She is an amazing animal orientated teacher who shared much insight into her approaches to working with emotionally scarred animals.

I feel very privileged to have been able to learn with these wonderful teachers, all of them specialists of the highest degree within their fields. To complement my knowledge further, I have recently also qualified as an Aromatherapist for people due to the constant demand from my customers for advice and help with their own problems too!!

My role is as an educator of animal owners about using this method with their animal companions. I can work with individual owners to identify the remedies their animal chooses to help with a range of ailments. This service is provided to people and their animals that live in my area of Northumberland/ The Scottish Borders and Tyne and Wear.